Public Cruises

This 2-hour sailing and environmental education cruise will teach you about line handling and sail raising, how to read and use a navigational chart, the maritime history of our area and what's in the water beneath us. Great for children and adults alike! 

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Sails from: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Rates: $50 ages 13+ and $50 ages 5-12
*children under 5 years of age are not permitted on this cruise
Notes: You're welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages aboard as the Mystic Whaler does not provide these on this cruise.

Private Charters

Each cruise is tailored to the needs and interests of your group from 4th graders on to adults. During your sail, there will be 5 topic stations set up throughout the boat. The students will rotate through these stations in small groups. The following is a short description of the stations from which you can choose your 5. Prior to your sail, we will discuss what stations you would like to include. Talk to us about your cruise.

Climate Change

Students will learn about the changes in our environment and what is being affected by those changes. They will learn to identify actions around them that maybe impacting these changes.

History Station

Down below in our Great Room the students will learn about the history of our ship and what her main purpose was in the 19th century. They will learn about maritime history in the surrounding waters and the history of the body of water we will be sailing on.


The students will get a lesson in navigating a ship by analyzing a chart, finding direction with a compass and how to find the depth of the water with a tool that has been around since ships starting sailing.

Sea Life

Students will get a hands on experience with live aquatic creatures. The students learn about the different sea life that live right beneath their feet.


This station is to encourage the students to look around them and observe theirsurroundings. They will be given art supplies to draw what they see.


The students will learn what a watershed is and where their watershed boundaries are. They will work with a mini watershed to see how water drains off the land and observe what happens to the many elements that are introduced.

Water Quality

Students will determine some qualities of the water by doing simple water test. They can test for salinity, turbidity, ph, dissolved oxygen and temperature.

Knot Tying

The students will learn a variety of knots that sailors use and get a chance topractice them.

Simple Machine

Students will identify the simple machines used on board the boat and theadvantage that sailors have in their use. They will test the power that a simple machine can have.

Sail Physics

Students learn how the wind is used to propel the Mystic Whaler along the water. They will learn the principles of sail of the positioning of the sails with regard to the direction of the wind and will observe the force that happens on the sails as the wind pressure travels around the sails.

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